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AMTE 2007 Pre-Session: Poster Group I

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January 24, 2007: 6:15 - 6:45 p.m. | next
1. Leigh van den Kieboom: "Developing and Using Mathematical Knowledge to Inform Beginning Teaching: A Case Study of Prospective Teachers"
2. Marney Frantz, Krisan Stone: "Proportional Reasoning in the Middle Grades"
3. Richard Evans: "Learning to Teach with a Standards-Based Textbook"
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4. Sunday Ajose: "Changing Course: Reconstructing Mathematics Courses for Preservice K-6 Teachers"
5. Meg Moss: "Specialized Understanding of Mathematics: A Study of Prospective Elementary Teachers"
6. Sr. Rita Basta, Joel Zeitlin: "Does 'Better' Teaching Produce 'Better' Teachers?"
7. Cindy Henning: "Writing for Reasoning"
8. Cathy Kinzer: "New Mexico State University Landmarks Since the CPTM 2004 Summer Institute"
9. Jeremy Teitelbaum: "Syllabus and Student Work"
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