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AMTE 2007 Pre-Session: Poster Group III

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January 24, 2007: 7:15 - 7:45 p.m. | prev
19. Amy McDuffie, Judith Morrison: "Developing Preservice Teacher’s Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching of Data Representation"
20. David Coffey, Charlene Beckmann: "Using the NCTM Process Standards as a Framework in a Mathematics Content Course for Preservice Elementary Teachers"
21. Yuichi Handa: "Rethinking and Leveraging Repetition in (pre-service) Teacher Education"
22. Kris O'Clair: "Special Educators and Math Educators Collaborate Together for Student Success in Mathematics"
23. Georgia Cobbs: "A Journey With Journals"
24. Pam Guenther, Rita Basta: "CPTM’s Impact on Pamela Guenther of Santa Barbara City College"
25. Judith Jacobs: "ELD and SDAIE Strategies for Mathematics instruction"
26. LouAnn Lovin: "Improving the Program. Using MKT Items to Make Programmatic Changes at James Madison University"
27. Perla Myers: "A Little Area Mistake: A Sod Story"
28. Kate Abell, Milo Novelo: "Other Ways We are Working to Develop Teachers’ MKT"


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